How to Create a Facebook Group

October 15, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Whereas Facebook fan pages are primarily intended to represent famous people or popular brands, Facebook Groups can be created to promote a cause or interest. Unlike fan pages, a group should be seen as a community hub, and a means to organize meetings and projects, discuss issues and share content.

Any member joining a group on Facebook can post messages on the group wall, including links, photos and video clips.

Facebook Group communities can easily be setup in a matter of minutes, and are managed by Group Officers that can be setup at any time.

Let’s look at how to create a Facebook Group…

Signing in to Facebook

The first thing to do when creating a Facebook Group is to sign in. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, go to and register.

Once you have done this, go to If you’re already a member, you will see a list of groups to which you are already a member, and possibly a list of those you have been invited to.

It might be worth having a quick look at some of these – they might be for similar purposes for your own group, and if you have friends who are members of these, you could invite them to join your group.

How To Create a Facebook Group

When you’re ready to create your group and have decided upon which of your friends to invite, click the +Create group button in the Facebook Groups page.

You will be first asked to name the group – think of something relevant and descriptive  – as well as suggesting some initial members, although you don’t have to do this at this time. Also, decide on the access level of the group, whether it is Open, Closed or Secret:

Open – members and content are public

Closed – members are public, content is private

Secret – members and content are private

With the appropriate option set, click Create to proceed.

Setting Up Your Group

The first thing to do with your fledgling Facebook Group is to add a group picture and register an email address.

A group picture will help with the identity of the community; an email address will allow you to find out when people join or post messages in the group.

With these options set, you can now begin posting messages and images to the group wall, as well as using the Invite people to join option in the side menu. You can also Message all members to alert them to something important, and Edit group settings to change the access level settings, as well as member options such as the type of media they can post, for instance, in the Customize tab. The Officers tab will let you choose one of your members to make an “officer” (like a forum moderator) while the Members tab lets you see how has joined. With the Invite tab, you can find people from your own Facebook contacts to invite to the group and add a message.

With all of these options correctly set, it’s time to start interacting with your group!

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