Mercedes Recall for 2010 C-Class and E-Class Models for Steering Issues

October 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

There will no automaker on the planet which likes issuing a recall for vehicles which have been sold and Mercedes is no different. The premium automobile manufacturer from Germany takes great pride in its high-class vehicles which have set a standard worldwide. Mercedes has gone ahead and issued a recall for its 2010 C-Class and the 2010-2011 E-Class models owing to complaints regarding steering control.

A number of owners driving these specific models have complained of a problem with the steering, which in some cases is pretty severe and hard to control. Mercedes however will take some heart from the fact that its rival GM had also recalled the 2010 GM Cadillac SRX, beacuse of similar issues only a week ago.

Mercedes Benz clarified that the particular problem existed beacuse of a fitting which hadn’t been tightened enough on the power steering. Mercedes had to leave the fitting a tad loose as it was a high pressure system and too much tightening could potentially force the fluid inside to leak.

Mercedes also clarified that drivers did experience problems while parking and not while driving the cars on the highway. Also, since there were no accidental issues reported, the problem wasn’t severe and a timely recall checked whatever concerns existed.

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