Verizon LTE to debut in 38 cities, with half a dozen 4G smartphones and tablets in 1H 2011

October 6, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Verizon’s LTE plans have long been in the making. Their 4G plans were all set to be unveiled today when their new COO and President, Lowell McAdam broke the news about LTE. Verizon had earlier announced that their LTE network will be starting up in30 NFL citis by the end of 2010. With this announcement, they have expanded the coverage by 8 more cities. McAdam also announced that there will be ‘plenty of 4G smartphones and tablets on the market by the first half of 2011.

While no official launch date has been announced, it is confirmed that 38 cities will get 4G LTE broadband connectivity as soon as Verizon decides to flip the switch. Next year’s CES 2011 is bound to show off lots of LTE handsets and gadgets as part of Verizon’s push to popularize their LTE network. The new LTE handsets and tablets will be manufactured by top OEMs from around the world.
McAdam highlighted the metropolitan areas for the initial launch, which include:

Large sections of the Northeast Corridor, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. as well as Rochester, New York, Throughout Miami and south Florida, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and New Orleans as well as Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee, Chicagoland, St. Louis, the Twin Cities, Pittsburgh and major cities in Ohio Major population centers in California as well as Seattle, Phoenix, Denver and Las Vegas.

Hit up the source link for the full list of cities and airports.

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