iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S: Sales results show Apple still way ahead

October 6, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There is little doubt that when Samsung first announced Galaxy S and its release few people, if any, predicted it to be as big a success as it is today. Hindsight is a wonderful gift to have and even Samsung would be bowled over with the figure of 5 million handsets being sold in US after it hit stores. But Apple still is the unchallenged leader in the market.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Apple’s 8.4 million iPhone 4 handsets sold ensures that it beats not only Samsung but should stay ahead of even other competition like Nokia N8. But reading between the numbers gives you the actual extent of ‘Apple reign’ on the market today. One must remember that the Galaxy S is available on all four US carriers while iPhone 4 comes on just one!

Factor this in and one actually fathoms the effect that Apple has had over the recent market sales and its growing dominance. There were others who suggested that the N8 from Nokia could dethrone it, but that is now very unlikely. Of course, the buzz now is all about the Windows phone 7-powered Smartphones set to soon hit the market.

But even after that one might just find out that WinPho 7 handsets have actually cut into the sales of other existing mobiles but could take very little of Apple’s market chunk away from it. That is what we feel at this stage. Of course you might differ on that in the comments section…

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