‘Enslaved: Odyssey to the West’ Review: Can it be the game of the year?

October 6, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you happen to enjoy an adventure that is fueled by a deep and intelligent story, characters that you could fall in love with, spectacular visuals of plenty of green and lone single player games then Enslaved: Odyssey to the West seems to be the one for you.

While it might not be conclusively the ‘game of the year’ or even far from it, with Mass Effect and RDR among others fighting for the honor, it is a highly intelligent game with an enthralling storyline that forms the basis of its beauty.

Unlike most other gaming experiences that are set in barren future lands with weapons that could wipe out civilizations, too many strange creatures or just some far off planet with inhospitable conditions, Enslaved is set in a future that is covered with thick vegetation as humans have been largely wiped out by mechs.

Alex Garland seems very adept at bringing his unique writing style even to a younger generation of gaming addicts and with some wonderful ‘voice overs’ Enslaved will keep you locked in its world for a while. The plot basically involves the relationship between Trip and Monkey, as Trip is enslaved and needs to safely steer it to its village overcoming obstacles.

As Trip and monkey navigate to their destiny safely, the game seems both challenging and fun as there is plenty of climbing and jumping around to do. With Ninja Theory putting in a fabulous job, the visuals still fall short at times not so much in grandeur, but at points where it is hard to see exactly where one is headed. Barring minor glitches though, Enslaved is worth spending your precious gaming time on!

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