Toshiba Regza 20GLI and 12GLI Glasses-free 3D TVs; Available in December

October 4, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumors were flying around in all the tech sites that Toshiba was working on 3D TVs that would offer 3D effect without the need for glasses. Now, the company has announced that it will be the first company to bring glasses-free 3D TV to market.

The new Toshiba glass-less 3DTV REGZA range will initially take in two models in the form of the REGZA 20GL1 and the REGZA 12GL1. Both the models will be based on the parallax barrier approach found in the Nintendo 3DS.

The 20GLI, which comes with a 20-inch LED-backlit 720p display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720, will be powered by a custom Cell processor (similar to that used in the Sony’s PS3). The display will also be capable of playing 2D images. It will incorporate a range of ports including CEC-capable HDMI, USB and Ethernet.

The 12-inch 12GLI will provide a resolution of 466 x 350 and because of that, it will not need the same level of processing power as the other model. It’s also equipped with LED backlighting and similar ports but can double as a photo frame, accepting SD cards loaded with JPEG images.

The 20GLI will retail for the equivalent of $2,900 and the 12GLI for $1,450. Both the models are planned to be launched in late December and in Japan only. International pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

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