BlackBerry Curve 3G on AT&T Ahead of Holidays; Pearl 3G to Come on Oct 17

September 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A couple of new BlackBerry smartphones are just waiting in the wings to hop on to the AT&T network. The Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100 and the Curve 3G 9300, both smart handsets that would operate on AT&T’s 3G mobile network, would offer customers a host of unique features RIM has lined up on the devices.

While the Curve 3G will be up and running on the AT&T network just ahead of the coming holiday season for $99 sans any rebates, the carrier will bring forth the Pearl 3G on October 17 for a price of $149.99  with no rebate.

The Curve 3G and the Pearl 3G would be offered along with a data plan that would read as 200MB of data for $15 or 2GB of data for $25 monthly. Further, as part of the data plan cost, you will also be able to link up with the AT&T WiFi hotspot network.

Features would include access to social networking, apart from letting you log on to the Blackberry App World. You can pick your apps from the App World and can pay for them via your AT&T account month after month. Are you an AT&T customer looking forward to the arrival of these two  BlackBerry devices?

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