T-Mobile G2 won’t Support Tethering at Launch; Might Feature WiFi Calling

September 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The much-awaited T-Mobile G2 will not be supporting hotspot tethering at launch. A leaked T-Mobile internal screenshot, which is proof for the matter, has been posted by TmoNews.

The leaked picture reveals that the T-Mobile G2 will not support tethering, a feature that is actually supported in the stock Android 2.2. This will certainly come as a blow to consumers who were waiting for the device and expected tethering functionality.

After the information on this lack of feature started to fly around, T-Mobile has released a statement to confirm the situation, claiming that there isn’t a tethering rate plan on offer. But the good news is that T-Mobile appears to be working on a solution as they know people are very interested in this feature. T-Mobile didn’t say that such a package won’t be available in the future.

Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that a new feature called WiFi calling is currently being tested on the smartphone. The new WiFi calling application will allow customers to make calls over a WiFi connection.

But the possibility is that the G2 will not be launching with WiFi calling on board. The application will be coming instead as a software update or will be available to be downloaded from T-Mobile.

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