How to Send Email to a Group in Gmail

September 23, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

Gmail is most probably the most widely used free email service in the cloud space after Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail/Livemail. Users are allowed to maintain their email accounts with a considerably amount of storage space and associate multiple email accounts to their Gmail account.

Similarly, users can maintain a detailed address book but may face problems when trying to send a single message to multiple address book contacts; such as sending an email to a group. This how-to provides information on how you can send an email to a group in Gmail.

Gmail provides an interesting feature that allows you to send bulk email to a group:

How-to Send email to a Group in Gmail

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on  “Contacts”.
  3. A list of all your contacts will be displayed and you will notice the heading Groups with a selection box on its left.
  4. The Group label remains disabled unless you select a contact email address.
  5. In order to create a group, you first need a contact email address or click any existing contact.
  6. Once a contact is clicked, the Group label becomes enabled. Once you click it, a drop down appears and you will see a text box in the end to create a new group.
  7. Now you can add a new name for your group and once you have created a group, each time you select any contact, the Group label is enabled and you can click on the Group label and include a contact email address to it.
  8. Just keep selecting contact email addresses and add the Group label you have created to each of them.
  9. Now create an Email Message and when you click in To, Cc, or BCc, and add type in the Group name, you will see that the Group name appears and once you click it, the group adds all the email addresses labeled to that Group.
  10. Finally, just compose your email and send it to your Group contact.

* Note: Gmail limits you to sending a message to at most 500 recipients and only 100 if you send from using an email program.

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