Apple iPhone 4 in China on September 25; Two New Stores Added

September 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Starting September 25, Apple will start selling its iPhone 4 in China.  With plans taking wings, Apple is also expanding its retail hubs in the Asian nation with the addition of two new Chinese stores.

One store each will open in each of Apple’s existing footholds China, with Beijing to see a store come up in Xidan Joy City and one at the Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai. The stores will start functioning at around the same time as the iPhone 4 hits retail.

China Unicom will start selling the iPhone 4 on a two-year contract, though the prices are yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, the two new Apple retail stores will put on sale contract-free 16GB and 32GB models for 4,999 Renminbi ($743) and 5,999 Renminbi ($892).

It is common knowledge that iPhone has been a priority agenda for China as it races to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of iPhone sales.

The iPhone had only officially gone on sale late last year in China. The device then was a version sans Wi-Fi., and was upgraded on August 9. Now with the iPhone 4 set to come to China, the country might be in for what it had been hoping for.

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