2 More Characters Revealed and Release Date Announced for Marvel vs Capcom 3 at Tokyo Game Show

September 19, 2010, By Christian Davis

Who isn’t talking about Marvel vs Capcom 3 right now? The announcement of the new fighter has been everything but ignored this year and it still continues to be the most important thing on our “to buy” list. With Tokyo Game Show’s recent announcements, we all expected something to be said about this legendary fighting match up.

Two characters were announced to appear in the games next installment. First, a returning favorite, Spider-Man will be back. Armed with a few new moves and a significantly cooler looking super attack, Spider-Man is still a major threat in the series.

Next, is a brand new challenger, Wesker from the Resident Evil franchise. He can summon a missile with his bare hands and throw it at your face. He’s going to be deadly. Now, with these new characters announced, who knows when we are going to get this game? That was the biggest question of the year and we now have an answer from Capcom.

They are expecting to release the game between January and March of 2011. Look at you calendar. See how soon that is? In the first quarter of 2011, we are going to have one of the greatest fighting games of all time. My new years resolution is to be amazing at this game. Here’s some gameplay videos below of Spider-Man and Wesker in action.

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