Samsung GT-i8700 Windows Phone 7 Handset Appears on Leaked Video

September 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Samsung GT-i8700, which will probably be one of the initial batch of WP7 phones, has surfaced in a leaked video, which gives us a brief demo of the phone’s user interface. It cannot be confirmed whether Samsung is directly behind the leaked content, but it is believed that the handset being shown in the video is indeed the real thing.

The handset, leaked photos of which appeared online recently, is expected to be officially announced before the end of this year.

Even though the video (see below) is quite blurry at times, we can still see Windows Phone 7 in action (Bing Maps, Bing Search and Browsing included). It seems to be identical to the QWERTY keyboard-less handset which was spied before.

The onscreen display shows smooth and consistent animation. But it is hard to determine if the screen is good because the video quality lacks sufficient lighting. But it is believed that the phone should at least be using AMOLED technology.

Other details of the device are still not available, but we do know that it will be coming with 8GB of internal memory, Bluetooth 2.1 and a camera with LED flash. It will also be featuring a large touchscreen (between 3.7 and 4 inches).

Windows Phone 7 by Samsung – GT -i8700
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