Dead Rising 2: Case West Trailer Revealed at Tokyo Game Show

September 15, 2010, By Christian Davis

Our beloved news reporter whose covered wars is back! Frank West is going to have his own Dead Rising 2 spinoff. He will be joining Chuck Greene and his mission to clear his name. It’s going to be an epilogue to the main game and will more than likely encourage cooperative gameplay as the two dismember hundreds and hundreds or zombies.

At Tokyo Game Show, producer Keiji Inafune says he just wanted to make fans wait a little bit before revealing him. It’s a good thing he did because the fate of Frank West was unsure and kind of still is. In Valves, Left 4 Dead 2, you can see that Frank West has left a note saying he may not make it and the zombies were a lot faster.

To see him alive is great, but will he die at the end of this epilogue? Looks like we’ll have to purchase this to find out. As of now, Case West is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and there’s no set release date. Here’s the teaser trailer below.

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