Change Your Halo Reach Nameplate [UPDATE]

September 15, 2010, By Christian Davis

With Reach just launching, most of you have played the multiplayer at least a little bit. Forge world is fun, the new maps are great and the remakes are a welcomed surprise. Bungie really pushed the customization for this game and they really shined in that department. There’s a variety of helmets, kneepads, chest guards, and you can even change your voice to sound like Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, the guys from Halo ODST, and even Cortana. One of the unknown additions however is the nameplate change.

Xbox360Digest has noticed this throughout various matches. This first appeared in Halo 2 and was only available to you when you connected your account with Now, you can customize that with various objects such as Master Chiefs helmet, Halo 2 logo, and the assault rifle. There are only eight available choices(shown above) and it’s even based on previous Halo experience.

Update: For those having problems finding this option: Log into and go to your Halo Reach Stats Page. On the left hand side, there’s a games settings option. Then choose which symbol you want.


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