TomTom iPhone 4 Adapter for the Previously Released Car Kit is Now Available for Free

September 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

Around the same time last year, you may have made the mistake of shelling out $120 on a TomTom iPhone Car Kit which is apparently not got enough to hold your latest iPhone 4. Does all this mean that the kit is only good for people who own the iPhone versions older than the iPhone 4? Well, for once, a brand is thinking about the fate of its customers as TomTom is extending a helping hand in the form of a free iPhone 4 adapter.

All the people who have purchased the TomTom car kit for the iPhone are entitled to order the iPhone 4 adapter for free to ensure that the car kit is good enough for the new Apple device as well.

Concerning the people who will buy the iPhone car kit after September 1, 2010, they will get the iPhone 4 adapter for free along with the purchase of the car kit and they will not have to order the (free) adapter separately.

A nice enough gesture from TomTom, which surely went down well with us…

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