Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Official Availability Confirmed for October 11th

September 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobileOS has made all its recent appearances through its Secret Cinema liaisons where MSFT has promoted the OS as a ‘revolutionary’ offering. It now appears that WP7 will continue with these secret appearances for this month and it will be October 11, 2010 when the OS will become officially available at a special Microsoft event to be held in New York.

Windows Phone 7 was first expected to invade Europe and now with the US availability gone public, there is widespread speculation that WP7 will become officially available in Europe after the September 15th HTC event in London.

The rumor-mill is definitely on the grind as there are assumptions that the WP7 laden smartphones will go public within days of the WP7 US release. LG with its Optimus 7 and HTC with its Mozart are probably the two devices which will first burst on to the scene.

These manufacturers will be followed by the likes of Samsung, Asus and Dell, who will be selling their WP7 devices anytime close to ending October, this year. If WP7 succeeds, the OS competition will then see a three-way battle with Android and iOS already regarded highly.

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