Call of Duty: Black Ops Latest Game Trailer Reveals More Multiplayer Action

September 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

Treyarch wants to leave no stone unturned in promoting its upcoming Call of Duty title dubbed the Call of Duty: Black Ops and the best way to do it (and keep the gamers interested) is by releasing gameplay trailers every now and then. This time around the focus is on multiplayer features and the way a few maps will appear to us when the game eventually arrives on the consoles.

Releasing a multiplayer game development centric gameplay trailer makes a lot of sense to me given the way things have shaped up for this upcoming title in the last week or so. Indeed, it was September 1st when the multiplayer version got released while the gameplay details were announced a day later.

The latest gameplay trailer throws light on four types of maps- Summit, Cracked, Launch and Radiation. The first out of the lot, Summit, is a nice combination of indoor and outdoor combat while Cracked is all about fighting in a worn torn city.

Third on the list is Launch which was one of the most appreciated maps even during the multiplayer gameplay launch. Launch is about fighting in the dark and then in the bright sunshine at about the same time while the last one, Radiation, is about using the shotgun in an industrial setting.

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