Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 Update ‘Starkly’ Improves the Camera Quality

September 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 update has now been available through the iTunes for quite a while and the changes which this update is putting in place are being discussed vividly over the web. It is being touted that this update does actually make your proximity sensor function like it is ideally supposed to and the gamers have also got their reasons to be excited. Probably an improvemnet which the users have forgotten to notice in excitement of the other changes in place is the improvement of the camera.

You need to carefully asses the difference in the way your camera is behaving after the upgrade 4.1, just in case you forgot to notice it. The 5MP camera option on the rear has been given something of an overhaul in the update, as it can now shoot in HDR and this helps in taking multiple exposures for each photo which in turn renders the best possible version of a picture.

Those who have tested the changes in the camera have acknowledged the improved image quality and this certainly can make the 5MP iPhone 4 camera ‘desirable’.

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