Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta Version Goes Live Next Week

September 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

The video you see below was about Internet Explorer 9. It was uploaded on YouTube and people did believe it to be a non-morphed version, which actually spoke about the abilities of this upcoming version. True or not, the browser which was shown in the video depicted a cleaner version of IE compared to the previous variants.

Internet Explorer 9

Even prior to this video surfaced, there have been leaks related to the Internet Explorer 9 Beta where once even the interface was detailed while another time, it was detailed with the entire feature set which spoke about the exemption of Windows XP as well.

Positively enough though, these have not been nagging incidents as Microsoft has now announced that the first Beta version of Internet Explorer 9 will go live in a weeks time from now.

Just for comparison sakes, Mozilla has released the Firefox 4 Beta 5 variant and it is receiving rave reviews for the kind of features it is bringing to the table. IE9 will have to be a complete package to compete against the Mozilla Firefox and things will get interesting when the full time versions of both browsers go live sometime next year.

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