Microsoft Arch Touch Mouse Breaks Cover and Disappears

August 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

We did talk about the Microsoft novelty, the Arch Touch mouse, a couple of weeks back and at that point in time we were almost sure that this MSFT peripheral will not go public before September this year. Well considering that Microsoft hasn’t outed the Arch Touch mouse officially, our predictions were still doing well, but a German website seemingly spoiled the party for us and more so for Microsoft.

German website was the one that had the MSFT product listed for a while until someone from Microsoft ofcourse pointed out what a blunder had been made and got the product removed from the available items list.

Sadly, Microsoft is still not done teasing with this product and a good number of shopping freaks got a complete look-see of the product which is touted as an inexpensive alternative to costly touchscreen displays.

So what does the Arch Touch offer? Touch-scrolling, a battery indicator and the ability to track any surface. Also, there is a 2.4GHz nano transceiver that plugs into your laptop’s USB port. The German website had listed this product at €69.99 before pulling it out.

The most important features along with the price sticker have gone public, so what has MSFT got in its kitty to tease the gadget freaks with. Probably, a comparison with the Magic Trackpad from Apple could help!

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