Microsoft Xbox Live and Kinect Beta Program Invites Out

August 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft seems to be eager to have as many fans come  in to taste the ‘Xbox Live and Kinect Beta’ Program and has started sending out the invites. People out there have been confirming that they have received the invites the company has sent via Microsoft Connect.

Microsoft has put into play its Connect service aimed at gathering customer feedback and information on various product lines. The invites mean that the “Xbox Live and Kinect Beta” Program will soon get started  and the company wants the maximum number of people looking at it. The invites are in fact a bid to lure excited people who are looking at tasting the upcoming software.

Significantly, the invites also spell out a few conditions. The company doesn’t want participants to use personal or party chat with people that haven’t had the opportunity of receiving and invitation to the preview program. We guess that also means that participants could land the chance of testing out the new Kinect dashboard system.

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