Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Entry-Level 3D Camcorder Leaked Online

July 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Panasonic’s entry level 3D camcorder for consumers called the HDC-SDT750 has been leaked online, thanks to an early page update by a member of the company’s web management team. The camera is said to be capable of shooting high definition 3D video of 1080p resolution at a frame rate of 60 fps.

The HDC-SDT750 consists of a 3D lens in the front of the device. The camcorder is reportedly a combination of an existing camcorder in Panasonic’s range called the HDC-HS700 that features a 3MOS sensor, and a 3D conversion lens which is attached to the camera body. However, Panasonic has chosen to market the HDC-SDT750 as the first 3D camcorder in the world.

The new 3D camcorder from Panasonic is also reported to have the company’s Hybrid I.O.S technology for image stabilization. The device will record all of its content in the AVCHD format.

While the webpage does not mention a specific launch date or pricing for the device, it has been rumored that the 3D camcorder will be officially displayed for the first time during a company event in Tokyo on the 28th of July.

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