Halo Reach Xbox360 Special Editions Unboxed By Bungie In Online Video

July 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Developers of the Halo series of games, Bungie Studios, have posted an online video showing the unboxing of the special editions of the latest Halo game called Halo Reach. The unboxing of the Halo Reach Xbox 360 gaming console is also shown in the video.

The Limited Edition is unboxed first in the video and is shown to include collectors items such as a personal diary belonging to one of the characters of the game. The next edition to be unboxed is the Legendary Edition, which will be available for a price of $150. The pack is huge and includes exclusive digital content for fans of the Halo gaming franchise.

The final unboxing in the video is of the Halo Reach Xbox 360 gaming console, which is shown to have art design on it that is specially inspired by the Halo Reach game. The stylish designs are present on both the console as well as the wireless controllers that are available in the package.

The pricing for the editions have already been announced and though they might be expensive for some, they surely are a must-buy for many Halo fans. The Halo Reach game for Xbox 360 is scheduled to release in September.

Check out the unboxing video below:

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