HP Windows 7-Based Slate 500 Tablet PC To Roll-Out For Enterprise This Fall

July 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP’s upcoming tablet PC running on the Windows 7 platform, called the Slate 500, will be launched for the enterprise in the fall season this year, according to the company’s Personal Systems Group vice president Todd Bradley.

Todd, who was speaking at the ongoing Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, said that Slate 500 would not be broadly deployed and would instead be customer-specific. Meanwhile, the latest rumors on the HP Windows 7 slate suggest that the device will only launch in October.

Though it was earlier rumored that HP had dumped its plans for a Windows 7-based tablet device when it acquired Palm Inc and its patented webOS, the company later confirmed that the project was still in existence and that the device was undergoing customer evaluations.

However, it has been rumored that the company might be targeting only enterprises with its Windows 7-based devices while it pushes its webOS-based gadgets for the consumer market. Former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein, who now heads HP’s mobile team, had recently said that HP and Adobe were working together to include the Flash 10.1 plugin in the webOS.

Still, HP’s decision to continue with its Windows 7 slate project is a major relief for Microsoft, which had already publicized the presence of its operating software on HP’s tablet devices.

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