Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, 4GB Holiday Bundle, and Kinect Official Prices

July 20, 2010, By Christian Davis

Today, the confirmation of the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle and the 4GB Holiday Bundle prices have been listed on Major Nelson’s website. There has been a lot of speculation already and videogame stores such as Gamestop have listed their own prices for bundles and Kinect, but Marjor Nelson is going to set them straight.

First off, Microsoft’s Kinect will be priced at $149.99. This comes with the game “Kinect Adventures.” The Xbox 360 4GB console will cost $199.99. This 4GB console does not have a Hard Drive but will have 4GBs of built in flash memory and built in WiFi.  This bundle will become available on August 3rd of this year.

The Kinect Holiday Bundle will come with a 4GB Xbox 360 which includes built in WiFi and 4GBs of internal flash memory, the Kinect Sensor, and Kinect Adventures. The Bundle will cost $299.99.

There are going to be 15 games on launch for Microsoft’s Kinect. Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Joy Ride will all retail for $49.99. Unsure if all games will retail for that much, but thankfully they aren’t the same price as a more traditional Xbox 360 game.

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