Samsung Galaxy S Brief Review; Can It Get Any Better?

July 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has been adopted by different carriers under different names. Though it is only AT&T and T-Mobile who have released their variant of their smartphone so far, named Captivate and Vibrant respectively, Verizon and Sprint are soon expected to follow suit with their Fascinate and Epic 4G handsets respectively. But the Galaxy S seems to be a keeper, no matter which carrier it belongs to.

The 4-inch Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S, which was one of its most talked-about features before its launch, certainly lives up to the hype. The color contrast of 50,000:1 and color fidelity is exceptional and matches that of an HD TV. It makes viewing of videos and pictures on the screen an experience to look forward to.

Yet another highly-spoken feature of the smartphone is its Hummingbird processor that is capable of clocking 1 GHz. The processor makes the screen extremely responsive to touch commands and runs the programs at fairly high speeds as well.

However, the new Touchwiz 3.0 user interface disappoints as it causes a slight lag while opening applications on the phone. It is also more focused on social network integration but it makes up for all its navigation friendly features such as the presence of WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibrate and Silent mode in a separate toggle bar that can be accessed from any screen of the phone.

The physical design of the phone is slightly similar to that of the latest Apple smartphone and it also has a centrally-positioned hardware button towards the bottom. The four buttons that were traditionally present near the bottom of Android-based phones have also been replaced in the new design. The phone is also designed to be very slim and very lightweight.

The LED notification button is not present in the Galaxy S smartphone. Instead, it has a front-facing camera for video chatting. The other camera on the Galaxy S, which is on its rear side, is capable of recording videos in 720p HD mode and though it is not accompanied by an LED flash, the camera performs well in proper light conditions.

The Galaxy S also provides exceptional support for 3D games as the phone’s Super AMOLED screen and its Hummingbird processor work together to bring out the best of the gaming experience. There are no lags during gaming and the clarity of the graphics is also very good. The six-axis controls on the device are also highly responsive.

Playback of video and audio on the Galaxy S is carried out very smoothly and HD videos recorded on the phone can be watched on an external display unit using the AllShare app from Samsung, which is a DLNA application. The app also allows the user to control the playback of video from a server in the phone to a TV or other devices.

Overall, the Galaxy S is an impressive device with superior performance. But the absence of certain small features on the phone could prove to be a dampener for some.

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