HTC Desire Clears FCC Approval, Telus, AT&T Expected to Announce the Android Smartphone

July 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

HTC Desire was a heartthrob in Europe and ever since its sales success, the Desire has been a much awaited smartphone in the US market and now it appears that the wait is finally getting over. Although, until date, there has been no other North American Carrier other than Telus to have openly acknowledged the handset arriving at its stores. AT&T is also expected to sell the HTC Desire, but the big boys need to announce it publicly first.

A few days back, the Desire could have been dubbed any ordinary device, but with the Android 2.2 Froyo update announced for the handset, Android lovers will again seek this doodad in the US with great fervor. Froyo though is not the only reason which makes the Desire special.

Let us not forget the HTC branded handset is also due to receive updates for DivX support and 720p encoding capability after the cellphone is officially outed in the US. Add the uber cool Sense UI in the mix and what you get is a stunning Android smartphone which needs to be thoroughly explored.

Ask us how we know about the ‘probable’ US arrival edging closer, for that we simply say-hail FCC!

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