Google Backgrounds Announced, How to Add a Google Homepage Background Image

June 10, 2010, By Alex Ion

Those who’d like to get rid of the bland white background on when searching, have a solution, for the company has officially announced Google backgrounds for the homepage. What exactly does that mean? You get to choose an image from your Picasa Web photos, your computer or a Google public gallery, and then add it to your Google homepage.

Google Background Image

How to add a Google background image

The process of adding background images to your Google homepage is quite easy if you follow these steps.

1. If you don’t have an account with Google, create one. If you already do, sign into your account (top right corner) and click Change background image in the bottom left corner of the Google homepage.

change google homepage background

2. A new window will open up and allowing you to choose the image you’d like to use, either from My Computer, from My Picasa Web photos, the Public gallery or from the Editor’s picks. Once you’ve settled for one image, click on it and then click Select . A “Loading image …” message will appear in the bottom left side corner and your image will show as background in a matter of seconds.

Note: If you don’t like the way it looks, you can remove your background image at any time by clicking Remove background image in the bottom left corner of the homepage.

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