Google TV to ride on partnership with Sony, Intel and Logitech; Access to Flash Content an Add-on

May 21, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has announced that it is in the process of developing a new system called Google TV, which would enable users to watch online videos and web content along with TV shows on their television. The announcement was made at the Google I/O Developers Event held in San Francisco.

The service, which is powered by Google’s own Android OS, will allow users to search for TV shows using the Google Chrome browser that will be present in the system. The search will be performed across various mediums like pay channel listings, the Internet and DVR and the search results will be displayed in a picture-in-picture layout by which users can simultaneously access many windows. Live streaming of content to TV from sites such as NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon Video On Demand will also be possible on Google TV. Various apps from the Android Market can also be run on Google TV. Access to Flash content is another feature of the system.

Google will launch the system with assistance from its partners – Sony Corp, Intel Corp and Logitech. The service will be provided through set-top boxes or TVs that specially have the Google TV equipment embedded in them. Intel’s Atom processor CE4100 will be powering the system with Logitech and Sony manufacturing and marketing products with the built-in Intel chip and Google TV. A companion box will also be delivered by Logitech that will enable the system to be accessed from existing HDTVs. Other brands supporting the new system from Google include BestBuy, which will retail the product; Adobe, which will integrate Flash Player 10.1 in the Google Chrome browser present in Google TV; and DISH network, which will optimize its service for the system.

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