17 Outrageously Mind-Boggling Mouse Designs

May 21, 2010, By Dorina Graham

Why have a boring mouse when there are so many better functioning, better looking options? Mouse designs and concept mouse designs often are overlooked when we might be wanting a new computer accessory. Here we’ve collect 17 of the most outrageous and mind-boggling mouse designs.

iTit Optical Wireless mouse

image sources: tuvie

It might come as no big surprise to you that this wireless mouse was inspired by the softness and sexy form of a breast. Designers Mostafa Tohidifar and David Abbasi intend for iTit to offer emotional pleasure, fun, tactile interaction, and function. iTit is user friendly with an outer layer of delicate rubber to provide wrist safety and comfort. We are not too sure how well iTit will be able to blend in an office setting.

G-Point: The G-Spot Mouse

image sources: yankodesign

This concept is the G Point Mouse, but has also been referred to as the G-spot since this mouse has a very special “secret spot” that can make things happen quickly. Designer Andy Kurovets strategically placed the scroll wheel on top. When the secret spot inside is touched, it instantly connects you to your email or favorite website. This concept design may not see the inside of corporate buildings any time soon either.

Car Mouse

image credit: adnews

Toyota has been displaying a black eye and limping around in public. However, in a brilliant marketing move, Toyota turned their Toyota iQ car into a giant computer mouse. In the above video, iQ is “nimble as a mouse.” On the giant display, iQ plays tick-tac-toe, draws a smiley face, and even manages to manipulate some pictures. The cool factor is huge, but actually using it for your mouse?

Key Mouse

image sources: yankodesign

How many times have you needed to crunch numbers while using a laptop keyboard only to be annoyed by the missing Number Keys on the side? Designer Sun Lihui combined a mouse with a keypad to create Key Mouse. This portable notebook mouse, with built-in small keyboard, is Bluetooth enabled. The retractable hood hides a number pad, but the curvy grip works well when needed as a mouse.

World’s Most Expensive Mouse

image sources: ubergizmo

If you have so much money that you are tripping on it, then Pat Says Now has designed the perfect mouse for you. For only $26,730 you can personalize the mouse with diamonds. Depending how many you want, be it your initials or a pattern, it could cost you even more. The world’s most expensive computer mouse is made to order. You should allow up to three weeks for delivery . . .

Jelfin Gel Covered Mouse

image sources: hothardware,engadget

Do you ever become so stressed while at the computer that you’d like to take out your aggressions but don’t want anyone to notice? Jelfin Redesigns has a $35 mouse that is similar to those balls a person squeezes to relieve stress. The ball-shaped mouse has a gel cushion that coats its surface. This squishy spherical mouse is made to fit the curvature of your hand. The 1,000 dpi Jelfin gel covered mouse is Mac and PC compatible, comes in most colors of the rainbow, and has a three-dimensional scroll wheel.

Wireless Flying KeyMouse

image sources: geekalerts

Need a keyboard and a mouse, but can’t be bothered to sit at your desk to use them? $59 can get you the USB 2.4GHz Wireless Flying KeyMouse. This wireless hand-held mini keyboard features 75 keys and a flying mouse. “The flying mouse uses a new kind of position technology. You can control the mouse cursor in the air easily. Its portable and tiny design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment. It is especially suitable for HTPC environment.”

18 Buttons on WarMouse Meta

image sources: warmouse

If you love all the buttons on a gaming controller, then be ready to have a geekasm over the WarMouse Meta. It features 18 buttons! Although the slick or shiny black surface choices may not make you drool, and being connected by a cord is no fun, Meta is the most advanced mouse on the market. It has 512K memory and each of its 18 buttons can be configured for different applications. Also its analog joystick can be customized to perform eight different commands. WarMouse Meta comes with a 30-page user manual but assures us that it is not difficult to set up. So all you need is $79.99 and a good memory to recall what you set each of the buttons to do . . . as well what each of their double-click functions do.

Toe Mouse

image sources: yankodesign

Designer Liu Yi has come up with a mouse meant for people who have upper limb disabilities and cannot use their hands to move the mouse. Toe Mouse is ergonomically designed to slip between the big and second toe as if it were a flipflop. The left click button is below the big toe. The sensor below the second toe acts as the means to right click.

Aigo Glide-Mouse – The Smallest Mouse in The World

image sources: ubergizmo

Aigo has made the smallest mouse in the world. Glide Mouse is operated with your index and middle finger to control the 10 mm thick optical mouse. You use your thumb for the side scroll wheel. If you have a desire for teeny tiny mouse, then Glide Mouse might be for you.

MIT DIY “Minority Report” Glove Mouse

image sources: popsci,web.mit.edu

If one is a mouse, is two mice? At any rate, the Glove Mouse is now wireless thanks to MIT students Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez. Last year they created the first Glove Mouse for less than $100. Like the glove-based interfaces of out Minority Report, the glove allows users to navigate map applications, grabbing the map and pinching their fingers to zoom in. A smartphone touchscreen can be also manipulated without touching the screen. The wireless Glove Mouse has radio transmitters and receivers. Microcontrollers transmit via RF waves so the fingers can “press buttons.” The gestures are captured by LED lights in front of a standard webcam.

Gesture Controlled Loop Mouse

If you have your computer hooked up to your TV and/or Playstation 3, then this sci-fi like mouse might be for you. HillCrest Labs offers Wiimote-like motion-sensing technology in their bangle-shaped mouse called the Loop Pointer. It allow users to control an on-screen cursor with the flick of their wrist. This gesture controlled mouse is supposed to make it easy for users to search, browse, and navigate the internet. It’s certainly more fun than a traditional two-button click mouse. The Loop remote mouse feels the user’s movements and reflects it on the screen. Users can click the left or right button on the remote to make selections.

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T.

image sources: theawesomer

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. is a gaming centric Cyborg line of mice. They are being promoted as “the most comfortable gaming mice you’ll ever use. Besides, they just look cool!” The key points of contact between the gamer’s hand and the mouse are fully adjustable, customizable for any grip preference. There are four different designs, with the top of the line having a programmable wireless 5600 dpi laser unit with weight system and Li-ion batteries. Price tags range from $50 – $130.

Evouse Revolutionary Mouse

image sources: tuvie

The concept design for eVouse features two different functions to make computing easier. It works as a traditional mouse, but offers much more. eVouse is a revolutionary wireless laptop mouse that can also be used as a pen sensor for different design works like designing an industrial entity. The pen sensor is placed at the top corner, so the user will have a perfect grip on the ‘V’ shaped mouse when dragging it to perform particular actions.

Sustainability: Sustail Mouse

image sources: yankodesign

The Sustail mouse works with human-power. Before using it, the user needs to wind the mouse with the key that is stored under the mouse. The sound of the turning key goes from low octaves to high octaves as the user winds it to full charge. The Sustail Wind-Up Mouse works in sync with a computer and keyboard. Embrace sustainability and use the key to wind the mouse before using.

Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse

image source: Gadget Review

Any Transformer fan would probably love this. The Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse features an 800 dpi sensor and 3 buttons. It cost $59.99, but it’s Transformer terrific!

Leather Mouse

image sources: geekalerts

If you are all about fashion, or have a leather fetish, then you might like the Leather Mouse. It comes in dark brown, light brown and red leather patterns, all of which features metallic plating. The retractable USB cable is supposed to make it good for travel. The Leather USB Optical Mouse cost $15.

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