iPhone 4G Case Leaks: Evidence Of Built-In Camera Flash

May 20, 2010, By Intermaggio

Some pictures of possible cases for the iPhone 4G everyone’s been talking about have just surfaced, and have some interesting characteristics. We can’t be sure just yet if these are the real deal, or just a manufacturer anticipating the next iPhone design, but here’s what we do know:

These cases have just started circulating, and appear to originate from Shenzhen Soonleader Electronic Co, based on their similar model naming scheme.

Here’s what’s really interesting about these cases: they have an oblong hole for the camera lens (see pic below) .

That hole can only mean one thing: the manufacturer of this case is expecting a built-in flash on the iPhone 4G.

We don’t know for certain that this is a case ready for distribution- but it certainly would make a lot of sense, especially given the recent discovery that the 4.0 beta software for iPhone has an error message coded telling the user that the phone needs to cool down before using the flash.

All signs are indicating that the iPhone 4G will include a flash- something that’s been much needed on the phone for some time now. We can’t wait to see the iPhone 4G. After all, the iPhone 4G expected release date is June 7, and it’s expected to have insanely high resolution, among other great features like internet tethering!

Do you think these cases are the real deal, or just a prototype model? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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