HP Slate Development Supposedly on “Hold”, Windows 7 Tablet Could Still See a Commercial Launch

May 5, 2010, By Alex Ion

Last week, after hearing that HP bought cellphone manufacturer Palm, analysts were speculating that the company will probably axe all new projects to invest time and money into their new business. And that included the HP Slate we’ve been hearing so much as of late.

Not really so if we’re to believe some insiders from HP or industry analyst Ezra Gottheil who recently mentioned that the tablet is actually going to be produced. What we don’t know for sure if it’s going to run webOS or Windows 7. But Gottheil thinks that the first to see a commercial launch will be the Windows 7 tablet, with a probable webOS-running device coming up next.

“HP has no problem putting out multiple products,” Gottheil said. “Some people have even criticized them for putting out too many products. I can’t see them killing one just because another is coming up.”

This sounds interesting, but we don’t know for sure if that’s pure speculation or just a personal thought, or if her statement is based on some insider tips.

Meanwhile, Sascha from NetbookNews just mentioned that she’s been in contact with someone from HP who said that “today there was an official internal message to hold development activities [on the tablet] … [the] reason is to provide a better user experience.”

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