Windows Phone 7 Demoed on Video, Shows Support for Office with email

April 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are numerous gadget freaks out there wanting to know how the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Operating System will be different from the iPhone OS and the likes and here is the first real answer to it. Microsoft is looking to make the WP7 a different experience altogether and the OS will arrive with integrated Office support with emails included in the mix.

What is great to know (courtesy of a couple of video demos) is that a user does not have to exit the email application while editing an Office-based attachment in Outlook Mobile. [videos after the cut]

We were critical of WP7 for missing out on the ‘copy n paste’ feature and its multi-tasking ignoring third party apps but, this feature integration seems to have balanced the equation for the moment

The upcoming OS will allow the user to toy with PowerPoint presentation or a document eventually sending it back out, all using the Outlook on the handset itself. Users will also be able to add SharePoint notes and even audio to projects using the microphone of a handset.

We have a couple of videos tagged along to exactly let you know what ‘freedom’ will mean on this new phone based OS from Microsoft.

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