Nook 1.3 firmware released ; packs browser, games and Read In Store

April 23, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Barnes and Noble today announced a firmware update for their dual-screen ebook reader , Nook. The new 1.3 version of the firmware includes a beta release of a rather “basic” web browser and a “Read In Store” functionality, that will allow you to read and browse full versions of the books while inside a Barnes and Noble outlet. The update is available now through manual download or you can wait for it to arrive through OTA. Now seeing that its android, we only have to wait until someone roots it and figures out a way to rip ebooks out from the “Read In Store”.

The new web browser uses the e-ink display for showing the content and the touchscreen LCD for navigation. The 1.3 firmware also brings in faster page-turns, speedier ebook openings and some new games. With the Read In Store feature, once you connect to a B&N store WiFi, you will be able to spend upto an hour reading an ebook at their store, and in the future, upto 20 minutes reading a newspaper or magazine on their Nook. There is an updated homescreen with quicker acess to settings along with new games – chess and Sudoku.

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