How To Add a FriendFeed Widget to Your WordPress Page

April 23, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Been itching to add a FriendFeed feed widget to your WordPress site? Want to keep your website visitors who view your about page up to date with your latest going ons? In nine simple steps, I will show how to add a basic FriendFeed feed widget to the About Page of your WordPress Site and keep viewers engaged.

Note: To complete this tutorial you should already have a FriendFeed account and a WordPress account, either on or on your own server. For this tutorial, I used a free WordPress account hosted on

Adding a FriendFeed widget to your WordPress site

First go to and log-in to the account you want to show status feeds from.

Then click on the Tools link located in the upper right hand corner.

Note: you can also get to the FriendFeed Tools page by going strait to

In the ‘Share your feed’ area around the middle of the page, click the ‘Embeddable Widgets’ link.

You should then see a page that gives you several widget options. Click the ‘Feed Widget’ link.

And you should arrive to a page where you will see a preview of your FriendFeed Feed Widget.

Default settings for your widget will include: ‘Feed: My Feed’, ‘Entries: 5’, ‘Show: Logo, Comments and Likes and Subscribe Link’ will work fine for most users, but if you want to change anything (using the drop down menus and check boxes) go ahead and do that now.

Also you will notice that the default format setting for your FriendFeed widget is ‘Javascript’, change that to ‘Image – works everywhere’ (by clicking the radio button on the left hand side).

Now (beneath where it says ‘More options’), decide if you want to go with the default (which is 200 pixels) or set your own custom pixel width for your widget. When your done with your widget settings you should see something similar to the image below.

Once you have satisfied with your widget settings, go ahead and copy your widget code.

In a seperate tab or window, go to your wordpress account and log-in.

Click the Pages button (on left hand side column).

Go to About and click edit. (You won’t see the ‘edit’ link until about mouse cursor hovers over that area.)

(note: If you want to add this widget to a different page, go to that page instead.)

Choose HTML view and find the spot on your about  page that you would like your FriendFeed widget to appear and paste the widget code you copied there.

Optional, To see if you like your widget placement, go back to Visual edit mode.

(As you can see I decided to place my widget in the table column on the right-hand side of my about page.)

If you happy with your widget placement, click the update button.

(Note: If you decided to make a new page, click the publish button.)

Now, click the ‘View Page’ link to view your new / updated page. This link only appears after you have updated or published your work.

Congrats! You (and everyone else) should now see your new FriendFeed widget on your updated wordpress page. 🙂

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