Volkswagen Milano Taxi Concept on Show at Hanover Trade Show; To Arrive for Real in 2013

April 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Combining eco-friendliness with spacious comfort, Volkswagen has put on show its new Milano Taxi Concept at the Hanover Trade Show. To be built as a public transport car, the Volkswagen Milano Taxi Concept comes across as vehicle minus a front passenger seat. VW has, in fact, set aside this space for some extra cargo space.

Green thoughts and space utilization are what VW has brought to the fore while designing this concept car.

Talking of space utilization, the knee room behind the driver measures 120 mm, while headroom provided measures 994 mm. Comfort levels have add-ons too, with two 8-inch touch screens thrown in. While one of them is for the driver, the other is for the passengers. What are these touch screens for, you tend to ask. While the driver’s touchscreen is complete with indicators ranging from the taxi metre, the trip computer to the rear-door opener, the passengers’ gadget hold within itself a card reader that accepts credit cards, calls up information and adjusts the rear climate. Truly a new age taxi is what VW seems to have designed.

Green concept is what drives the car. An electric motor capable of delivering a peak power of 85 kW sits pretty under the hood. A lithium-ion battery, 80 per cent of which can be recharged in about an hour, is the source of all the power the car would need.  The car has been designed to push top speeds of 120 km/h, says VW.

If at all the concept gives way for the real vehicle, we might get top see the  green and yellow Milano Taxi whizzing past us in New York City, Cape Town, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow are wherever possible. If the car gets real, we might get to see it on the road starting 2013.  See a gallery below:

(Via WorldCarFans)

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