Lost iPhone 4G Prototype is Genuine, Gizmodo Asked to Submit the Device

April 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

Well the gadget freaks across the world never missed out reading about the trivial manner in which the iPhone 4G was found in a bar but the doubts about that device being genuine still persist. It is nothing unusual as so many people claim to have spotted the next-gen iPhone but the one discovered in the bar was a true variant. If anyone requires any sort of confirmation, the news is that Cupertino has asked Gizmodo to return the prototype, in a letter which is now making as much news as the lost iPhone.

Gizmodo you might wonder? The device found in the bar is with Gizmodo which has closely dissected the phone and was sure of its genuineness even before that letter from Apple arrived.

Bruce Sewell, Senior Vice President of Apple is the one to have sent the letter to Gizmodo and the letter clearly states that the device belongs to Apple and Apple wants to know where it can pick up the device from.

As far as Gizmodo returning the device is concerned, it shall have no problem as the iPhone HD/HG has already been thoroughly dissected and scanned. [via: Gizmodo]

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