HP Slate Images Surface, Is That the iPad Killer You Expected?

April 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

HP Slate is the next big thing in the world of tablets and an unexpected source has managed to lay its hands on the the pre-production images of the device. We surely admire the source for managing the feat and sharing it with the worldwide web but, their assumption, that the HP Tablet is not an iPad killer, doesn’t go down too well with us. We are not desperate for an iPad killer but what we do like, is a bit of competition between manufacturers, as that eventually benefits the buyers with better devices evolving all the time.

A direct comparison of these two devices is not a good option as that gives the source the notion that it is not an iPad Killer. What should instead be looked into is what the Slate is eventually offering and whether the 400 Euro price sticker is good enough with all those features. [more images after the cut]

HP is anyway determined to topple Apple with its lowly-priced Slate bait and that is more so the reason to justify the device against its price than comparing it with the iPad.

[Courtesy: Krunker]

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