Leaked iPhone 4G Images Add to the Release Date Confusion

April 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPhone 4G release is one of the mysteries that seriously needs to be looked into but the more you try it, the more complicated it gets.

Here are some of the images of the probable iPhone 4G being readied somewhere and all that these images do is to add to the confusion. Such images obviously give us a hint that the Apple iPhone 4G is almost ready which implies that an announcement is pretty near.

If you look at these images a little more carefully, you can notice that the device hasn’t been fully finished as there is a hole at the rear for the 5MP camera. If this is the real iPhone 4G then what about those talks of a front facing camera. We have no real problems though with that empty block on the side, as the volume keys are meant to stay there.

Other things that can be noticed in these images is the more iPad like shape where the curves on the edges are gone. On the back casing, 64MB has been etched and that is always a welcome feature, again, if this is the final version.

All through this, I am not just sure whether this is a facade or a real variant and I desperately seek your help. [Courtesy: Gadgetvenue]

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