Google ‘Cloud Printing’ to be a Feature of the Upcoming Chrome OS

April 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

My experience with a printer has never been good for there is some glitch or the other, at all times, that makes the very task cumbersome. At the end of the day, those prints are meant to be sent somewhere and in the future cloud printing could be one way to that directly.

Yes, there will be no need of a personal printer and that will all be possible with the advent of the Google Chrome OS. The upcoming operating system will feature a particular cloud printing option that will let you print from any system, to any printer, anywhere in the whole wide world.

The specific netbook and tablet based platform will handle cloud-based app. printing by acting as an intermediary for a network-connected printer.

This implies that Google is hoping the future printers to be ‘cloud aware’ or on a more personal level, the users will have to network-enable existing printers. That could be done by sharing the printer from an attached computer or by using some variant of a Print Proxy gateway device.

All this definitely does not sound mainstream as yet but, I am sure, by the time Google is ready with its Chrome OS, the cloud printing will be one of the easiest features in there to be used. [via: Geeky-Gadgets]

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