Gmail Gets Drag and Drop Attachments Feature Via Minor Update

April 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

Good news for all you Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users that love using gmail, the webmail product from Google. Courtesy of a small update, the gmail users on these two browsers will not have to waist any time browsing their files when they intend to attach a document. The easier (new) option instead will be to simply drag and drop a file on to the attachments column and the document will be automatically attached.

This is not an outright great feature updation but, the people who use gmail daily and attach their files every damn day will surely have, a different answer ready for you.

While the feature functions very smoothly (I am trying it along), what is more is that you can attach multiple files at the same time. Another addition, courtesy of this minor update, is the new option to insert an invitation to an event with your email.

The second feature is more valuable if you have the permission to access and view another person’s Google Calendar. You can then accordingly invite the person when he is not committed to any other appointment. Google is working hard to get these features running on all browsers as soon as possible. [via: Gmailblog]

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