Android Brings Good Money to Google, Nexus One is Among the 60k Android Devices Activated Daily

April 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

Google was in the mood to settle some scores at its stock earnings call, defying reports about its Nexus One failure and the inability to turn Android into a revenue stream. Google clearly mentioned that its first smartphone, the Nexus One is not a flop as propagated by many consultancies and the handset is making ample money for the firm.

Google also had an answer ready for the group that believes Google does not have the right measures in place to generate hefty revenue from its Android OS boom.

Google detailed that it is tracking about 60,000 Android devices sold and activated every day and if you make the math correctly, this term implies that there will be some odd 22 million Android phones sold every year running on the Google platform.

One of the executives mentioned that Android is already a profitable business for Google and the behemoth is driving the business to be a more profitable one in future.

Google did have intentions initially to limit the Android experience to the Nexus One but the decision to open the platform has seemingly paid off, if these reports from Google can be believed. [via: Engadget]

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