iPad Printing Problems Solved [DYI Workaround]

April 15, 2010, By Alex Ion

By now, those who already own an iPad know that the sleek device won’t respond very well if you’d like to print a document. Well, actually, it won’t respond at all, as the iPhone OS didn’t got this feature — and it looks like iPhone OS 4.0 won’t have it either. Folks, worry no more as the good guys from The FORM Group came up with a way to actually solve these printing issues. And guess what, it works like a charm.

So having iPad printing issues? Here’s a step-by-step workaround (picture included)

iPad printing

  1. Find a printer with a with a bigger screen than your iPad
  2. Place you iPad face down, Apple-side up, on the glass …gently so you don’t break your iPad
  3. Push the print/copy button on your machine
  4. Congratulations! Take your copy from the copy machine and don’t forget to get your iPad off the printer.

Alternative workaround – you can place your iPad in the feed slot of your fax machine and make a copy, too!

If Apple won’t give us what we need, all we can do is improvise, right guys?

Now I’d really like to see you coming up with a workaround for getting Flash support on the iPad.

We’re looking for geniuses, of course!

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