Spring Design Alex e-book Reader Begins Shipping Tomorrow

April 14, 2010, By Atul Roach

You might be wondering, why we are covering all these e-book readers including this one from Spring Design when we think all of them will turn obsolete in the next six months or so. The reason is that these devices need to be spoken of one last time as we love anything that was ever called a gadget. Anyway, the Alex-e-book reader from Spring Design is one of the many e-readers that were showcased at the CES 2010.

Since that show, where many of the other unveiled e-book readers have vanished, Spring Design’s Alex is one of the option that quickly hit the production floor and will even begin shipping tomorrow.

Spring Design deserves full credit for bringing this product on to the market this early but then there is again a problem with this gadget and that is its pricing. Spring Design has priced the Alex at $399 and despite that attraction of a dual screen reader, the price sticker is definitely unjust.

I know these gadgets will be useless in the not too distant future but if I still had to make a choice, I’ll prefer the B&N option. [Courtesy: Engadget]

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