iPhone 4G to make VoIP Easier, Thanks to iPhone OS 4.0

April 14, 2010, By Atul Roach

While we are not sure that the June 22nd iPhone 4G arrival is a certainty, what we do realize for sure is that the iPhone 4G could make VoIP calls more practical because of the iPhone OS 4.0. Yes, you read it right people, iPhone 4G could make VoIP easier as its operating system comes blessed with multi-tasking abilities like never before.

It is because of this ‘ability upgrade’ that users could allow applications to simultaneously function on their devices. Apple could market this advantage to good effect especially for the upcoming iPhone 4G which is too get iPhone OS 4.0 in full swing.

The presence of iPhone OS 4.0 will ensure that the iPhone users could constantly run VoIP solutions in the background to receive calls while the other applications will also function at the same time. Before this OS upgrade, the iPhone users had to open VoIP apps. separately to receive calls which made the iPhone useless for the service.

Devices with OS 4.0 will directly switch to VoIP applications whenever VoIP incoming traffic will be received. I can at least see one reason now, why the iPhone 4G will be a different experience. [Courtesy: PRnews]

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