iPad International Availability Delayed for End of May

April 14, 2010, By Atul Roach

The US iPad admirers seem satisfied ten days after the Apple tablet first fell into their craving hands but their desperation has proved too annoying for the rest of the world. The iPad sales in the US is the probable reason why Apple has officially confirmed the international availability delay of this scorcher of a product from Cupertino.

The Apple freaks around the globe were expecting the iPad to arrive somewhere in the last week of April 2010 but, the tablet will be eventually available around May 2010.

As the availability has been delayed, it obviously implies that the international pricing of the product still remains a mystery and it is only after we have a final global availability date from Cupertino that the pricing will also be unveiled.

Till then, you can keep hitting DM for the smallest iPad details you desire to know and who knows, you may have a change of opinion when May eventually arrives. [Courtesy: Engadget]

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