Verizon iPhone Mystery Intensifies Courtesy of a Data Snippet from Flurry Analytics [UPDATE]

April 13, 2010, By Atul Roach

So much has been discussed about the Verizon iPhone in the past couple of months but all talks eventually turn obsolete as neither Verizon nor Apple ever end up passing a positive gesture. We were thinking that there will be nothing much to discuss about the Verizon iPhone this week but Flurry Analytics was in the mood to surprise us.

Flurry dug out a data snippet reflecting a polling of carriers a particular app is being tested on, and found out that Verizon also has its name on the list although in very small numbers.

Agreed that this is no conclusive evidence which tells us that the iPhone will hit Verizon shelves in the US anytime soon, but then, this is the kind of stuff the fanatics thrive on.

Verizon has already clarified that the iPhone decision is not in its hands and it is only Cupertino which can decide the future of this touted deal. Apple is certainly not going to loose anything by joining hands as it will only generate more revenue but then, it does seem to be loyal towards AT&T all the time. [via: Engadget]

Update– Peter Farago from Flurry just got back to us saying that all this information is not from Flurry and is not to be believed. Here’s what he said:

1. While this does appear to be a snapshot from a developers dashboard, looking at their own stats, Flurry did not release this information. We don’t know who this developer is, and while you mention it’s an anonymous tip, we’d like you to make it clear that this is not from Flurry.

2. Actually, we don’t think this is Photoshop’ed. However, the developer is simply seeing DSL / WiFi use, in our opinion, which is common. Since January 2009, when Flurry began first offering its analytics service, Flurry has tracked hundreds of millions of sessions on Verizon. The only thing the data in the chart shows is that the IP address used is owned by Verizon. These are most likely Verizon DSL or FiOS subscribers using their iPhone at home over WiFi.

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