Intel Confirms MeeGo v1.1 Arrival in Late October 2010, Nokia Involved in the Mix

April 13, 2010, By Atul Roach

Come October and the Nokia freaks will finally get something to cheer about as MeeGo v 1.1 is slated to arrive as confirmed by Intel. Nokia you might wonder? The big news is that MeeGo is working in collaboration with Nokia and the details that have leaked through a set of documents reveal some user interface examples for both the netbooks and the smartphones.

MeeGo is a Moblin and Maemo amalgamation, a Linux-based software platform developed to support multiple hardware structures across a broad range of devices.

The feature lists and the road maps are also in there but sadly there is nothing mentioned about the device releases. The implication is that Nokia is thinking about such devices in the future and this is something which could lift their mobile devices quality, something which apple is hailed for.

Talk about netbooks and Nokia’s future arrivals will even better the hyped tablets. Netbooks running on MeeGo will get an updated user interface which will divide the desktop into effective segments-social networking, calendars, internet widgets etc.

Google’s Chrome will get preferred as the pre-loaded browser while Mozilla Firefox will be an option. Multi-touch is also one aspect that will be looked into and there will be plenty of connectivity options- WiMAX, WiFi and 3G.

The Nokia mobile enthusiasts could cherish VoIP onboard and 3G voice and data, thanks to MeeGo. [via:Slashgear]

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