ASUS U30JC-A1 Notebook – Core i3, nVidia Graphics And An Incredible 9.5 Hours Of Runtime

April 13, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Present day notebooks usually give runtimes of 2-3 hours, while those ultra-slim, ultra-expensive notebooks with Intel CULV processors give upto 5.5 hours of runtime. Now how about this? A Core i3 powered notebook, with NVIDIA Optimus CT310M discrete graphics giving upto an incredible 9.5 hours of runtime. Too good to be true ? There should be some catch, right? Well it seems like Asus got it right with their new U30JC-1A notebook and also priced it pretty well at $899. The guys at Engadget were able to get their hands on the notebook and take it on a test run.

To start from looks, the Asus U30JC-1A has a brushed aluminium body, that looks pretty elegant and doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints.  While the laptop is thicker than most others in it class, at 1.2-inch, it makes up for it by adding a lot of connectivity options like USB, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet ports and a mic and headphone jack. The keyboard is chiclet-style that gets rid of anyflex and has pretty well spaced keys that is quite comfortable to type on. The display is 13.3-inches with 1366 x 768 resolution and is incredibly glossy.

Now on to performance. Most other laptops in this category run on Intel’s ULV processors. So the 2.26 GHz Core i3 showed a pretty good boost in performance and with the 4GB of DDR3 RAM , the notebook was able to run Windows 7 Home Premium pretty flawlessly, running Firefox, Microsoft Word 2007, GIMP, iTunes and TweetDeck simultaneously without any issue. Now if you could swap out the 5400 rpm HDD for an SSD you would get even better performance.

The default GPU is the integrated Intel GMA HD which does ok with 720p HD video and light gaming, but its the U30JC’s NVIDIA Geforce 310M GPU that packs the punch. It automatically switches to the discrete GPU when you fire up a game and it gives some pretty awesome performance. To wrap-up, Asus seems to have found a good balance of perfomance and endurnce with their U30JC-1A. And at $899, its pretty much a done deal.

Head on to Engadget to check out the full review.

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