Sharp Readies First-Ever Four-Primary-Color 3D LCD; To Boast Of Highest Brightness Standards

April 12, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The first-ever four-primary-color 3D LCD is ready and raring to go, thanks to Sharp’s unique technology. Sharp’s new innovation is said to boast of the first ever highest brightness LCD that wipes away even a trace of double-contour ghost images. The 3D device is expected to bring to the viewer ultimate realistic images with a tilt towards clarity and depth.

Sharp is believed to have deployed in its new 3D LCDs a system based on time-sequential display technology with special active liquid crystal shutter glasses. One unique feature that Sharp brings for the new-age television viewer is that the images intended for the left and right eye are displayed on the LCD screen sequentially. They come as if alternating between the two perspectives.

The 3D glasses come with LC shutters that are synchronized with this display. The glasses have been made in such a way that it alternates between turning transparent and becoming opaque so that the left and right eye see separate images. These images are seen by the human brain as a perfect 3D image.

Sharp’s innovation comes across as a radical invention and brings together the company’s LCD technologies of the likes of UV2A technology, four-primary-color technology,  FRED technology, and side-mount scanning LED backlight technology.

So if you are shopping for a 3D TV next time, this is the one for you. The LCD has been optimized for 3D telly, with screen brightness 1.8 times higher than that of the conventional displays when 3D is on play. We are yet to know what is on the pricing front. Stay tuned as we try to find out.

(Via Fareastgizmos)

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